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Whether you are new to Agile, or just not getting the benefits you expected, let Blueshift Innovation help create a plan for you. No cookie cutter approach here – we will assess where you are, help you articulate where you want to be, and create a realistic roadmap to get there. With a wide variety of agile “tools” at the ready, we’ll help determine the right approach for you. 

We value Being Agile over Doing Agile!


Memorable experiences create lasting skills.


Real life mentoring, delivered during real life work.


Want a better meeting? Have an objective facilitator!

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What They’re Saying


I appreciated that Jenny came in and asked what the team needed. In too many training sessions, the facilitator comes in with an agenda of what they would like to discuss. I liked that it was up to the team to decide what information was most beneficial.


I know how very hard it is to facilitate/teach/coach/mentor in an online setting – so many hours of intense concentration, so many challenges to keep it engaging and moving along – and Jenny did a terrific job. I greatly benefited from it!

Financial Institution

I have to confess, as someone used to the Waterfall world – I am now going to be an advocate for Agile! Jenny was an excellent teacher!