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Picture Perfect Technical Debt

Here is the story I tell in Agile Bootcamp, accessible to those technical and non-technical alike. True story follows… One Saturday morning, I asked my husband to hang a picture in the living room. Just a 8X10 picture. How long do you think it took? 15 minutes? No 30 minutes? No 4 hours? You betcha!  […]

Coaching a Coach

I learned a very powerful lesson this week about coaching. And I’m a coach! As recently as five days ago, my five year old daughter Raegan would not put her face in the water. Today she jumped off the diving board at our pool. I know that she is the one that did all the work, […]

How do you like your lasagna?

When organizations as me what approach they should use for their project, I always start with an opening question: What is your end-goal? Depending on the answer, I will recommend an approach that falls into one of two camps: Waterfall and Agile/Lean. Let’s take a detour to the kitchen … Waterfall, like baking chocolate chip cookies, is a process which requires specific […]