Coaching a Coach

I learned a very powerful lesson this week about coaching. And I’m a coach!

As recently as five days ago, my five year old daughter Raegan would not put her face in the water. Today she jumped off the diving board at our pool. I know that she is the one that did all the work, but the catalyst that made it happen was four swim lessons with Miss Connie, who has been coaching swimming for 47 years. 

Lesson #1 – Just because YOU are scared of a new skill, doesn’t mean its scary. Agile can be hard – we truly need to be transparent, aligned and collaborative. Transparency, for example,  makes you vulnerable! 

Lesson #2 – Don’t tell someone they are doing great when they are not. Its a disservice to you both. 

Lesson #3 – Notice when their edge behavior and help them through it. 

When I’m with my agile teams in the future, I’m going to remember Miss Connie and have faith that they CAN learn new skills very quickly, because I should have faith in them that they can do it!

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