GALE KC – Games for Agility, Learning, and Engagement – April 2017

We had a blast at our April GALE Meetup. We combined groups with our friends at Agile KC this month. We saw several new faces and everyone had a great time.  Big thanks to Dave Grace from Adaptive Solutions Group for sponsoring!

Our theme was “Best of Agile Games New England which was held March 6-8 in Boston. Jenny Tarwater attended, and brought some great ideas back to Kansas City! We dotted voted on six/seven of those to play during the evening. (See dot vote pictures below). 

We kicked off the evening playing Happy Salmon! This game was a HUGE hit. It is one of the fastest and easy to learn games I’ve ever played – it’s literally impossible to keep yourself from smiling! Even just seeing the package the game comes in makes people happy! This is a great ice breaker game, especially if you have new people. 

We broke into groups and played several of the other games. 

  • We experienced some authenticity exercises that Sara Ness brought to Boston.
    • Zegg Forum. This was big. A participant would describe a real problem they were facing at work. Other members would listen to the problem and restate it in their own words, then include a potential solution. It was amazing how much clarity was gained by hearing someone restate your problem and provide a potential solution. It was a big success. 
    • Friend/Enemy. We experienced interesting group dynamics and felt loyalty and betrayal playing Friend/Enemy.
  • We played a game that scales well: Ultimate Paper Rock Scissors!  We tried to sync up and see how long it took everyone to throw the same thing…we found it took about 7 tries. It was an interesting exercise about group mentality. 
  • One team played a game that taught nuances of User Stories. The game was created by Damon Poole and Gillian Lee…. and you can download the game here.
  • We ended the evening using a great tool developed by Jason Tice  called Ideas to Action

Thanks to everyone who joined us and participated, we look forward to seeing you again soon. And check out other upcoming Agile activities on the Agilehood Calendar.

Our next Meetup is scheduled for June 1. Please join us!


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