Training from the Back of the Room Warmups

If you have read any of Sharon Bowman’s books, you already know about “Warm-Ups.” And you already know about TBR (“Training from the BACK of the Room!”). And you may already be planning to attend the TBR class on July 27-28, in Kansas City, MO. If you are interested in going and not yet signed up, go here

“Warm-Ups” are short, quick, optional pre-program activities that brain scientists call “priming.” Warm-Ups informally introduce learners to concepts that will be formally covered in traditional instruction in the near future.

Before any training or class, and especially before our 2-day TBR train-the trainer program, we always email Warm-Ups to registered participants about 2 – 3 weeks before the training dates. The Warm-Ups familiarize participants with some of the concepts that will be covered during the class. When the formal instruction takes place, participants will be able to make more mental connections and deepen their understanding of the concepts because of the Warm-Ups.

Below are the Warm-Ups that we are sending out to registered participants for the upcoming “Training from the BACK of the Room” class in Kansas City. Whether or not you’re attending this class, you might be interested in doing some of these short, quick activities, if you haven’t already done so.

By doing these Warm-Ups, you will become familiar with many of the important concepts that are crucial to the success of any brain-based instruction.

Warm-Ups for TBR Class:

1. Click on the TBR website’s MICRO-COURSES page and view three of the short, image-rich slide presentations there. One you should view is “The 6 Trumps.” The other two are ones you will choose that interest you. During the upcoming class, be ready to summarize what you learned from these micro-courses.

2. Watch “Move. Don’t. Sit. Still” and “Sticky Teaching” on the SLIDES FROM SLIDE SHARE page. Then watch one more slide presentation of your own choosing. Again, be ready to give a short summary about one of the three slide presentations to your table group during the class.

brain_rules_cover_3d_white13. On VIDEOS FROM YOUTUBE, watch “Rethinking Learning: An Introduction to Brain Rules” by John Medina, a molecular biologist and the author of one of the best brain science books of the 21st century. If interested, watch one or more of the slide presentations marked “next” that follow this one.

4. Interview someone who, in your opinion, is an expert in training or teaching others. Find out what he or she considers important whenever face-to-face classroom instruction is done. Be ready to summarize the interview for your table group during the class.

5. If you haven’t yet watched an RSAnimate production on YouTube, you’re in for a treat! Log onto VIDEOS FROM YOUTUBE and watch “Changing Education Paradigms” – a ten-minute “fast-draw” presentation about the history of education and present day implications for all trainers, instructors, and learning facilitators.

6. You might find the following blog posts interesting, as well:

Looking forward to our 2-day learning adventure together  – see you then! ? Jolene Jangles, Joe Ziadeh and Jenny Tarwater

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